April 29th was the scare of a lifetime! In the afternoon I had...

Posted by Nate Fox on December 18, 2020 · 6 mins read
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April 29th was the scare of a lifetime! In the afternoon I had my 18 year daughter, Grace drive me to the ER after experiencing chest pain and sudden vision changes. That evening I was diagnosed with an Aortic Dissection and life flighted by helicopter to the University of Utah to undergo an emergency surgery which lasted 13 hours. My condition was severe and nearly cost me my life. Much of my year I spent in recovery complicated by the global pandemic we’ve all been dealt. I am so grateful to all of your for praying for me and supporting us financially! Coming home after not seeing Jackie or my kids for 15 days was easily the best day of my life. Being alone in the hospital was harder than the pain associated with my surgeries. Life was also complicated by a couple of moves in the middle of everything else. One of those moves even happened during a wildfire that evacuated the neighborhood we were trying to leave. I think it’s safe to say we are all ready to leave this year in the rear view mirror.

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With that said, what has been so amazing to me, is how many things have happened to advance the Kingdom this year as well. I have had the opportunity to share the story of God’s faithfulness with so many. In the midst of the trials God is near and doing things even when we can’t see. Since recovering, I have had the joy of being able to continue to meet with pastors to encourage and strengthen their ministries. I have had several opportunities to speak at conferences and seminars.

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In September I was certified as an Intentional Church Coach which has led to several opportunities to present ChurchOS at seminars this Fall. I’ve had the privilege of working with a group of ministry leaders that are also coaches here in Utah. Together we have a vision to see 100 churches impacted by the Great Commission tools from the ChurchOS system.

presenting at conference

I have also had the joy of working with the team at Lifestone Church on a weekly basis. It’s a joy to serve there and use the gifts God’s given me on a regular basis.

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As we move on to 2021 my prayer is that large events and gatherings will begin to be an option soon. My vision is to see several Great Commission Lay-Leadership Summits take place in 3 of the most strategic counties in the greater Salt Lake area. Please pray for God to open the doors for us to train lay-leaders how to better reach their friends and family in Utah’s unique religious context!

I am also working on social sight for Utah Seekers who are looking for Jesus while leaving the religion of origin behind. What is unique about this situation is that people are still searching for things privately because of how they will be perceived by friends and family. With that said I have had numerous (LDS/Mormon) friends who have told me that if they had a family member leave “The Church” that they would love for them to connect with a church like mine. The growing sentiment is that faith in God and Jesus is better than being an atheist. This never used to be the case, but now there is more openness and tolerance.

Also I have been working with a number of churches and ministry leaders from the NAB who are looking to either come here for a mission/vision trip or to move here and join in the Kingdom work of seeing more people in Utah come to a full understanding of salvation by grace alone through faith alone. Obviously, the majority of the plans that were made were upended by the events of 2020. My prayer is that we can achieve some new momentum in 2021.

Please pray for my friends Brenton and Heather from Eastern, WA who plan to make the move to Utah County in the first quarter of 2021. Please be praying for open doors and God’s provision as they come to be “tent-maker disciple makers” here in Utah! They are an extraordinary couple with a big heart for the people of Utah.

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